Exellison offer an array of electrical distribution products.

Though not generally something we think about until it's too late, your companies electrical systems, their efficiency and safe operation are a key attribute to any business.

Exellison offers anything from ACB Retrofits to Bespoke LV Equipment and Power Factor Correction.

ACB Retrofits

Air Circuit Breakers are the central and most important component of most electrical switchgear installations...

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Bespoke LV Equipment

We are not tied in to any device manufacture so have the choice of the whole spectrum of ACB, MCCB, Fuse Switch, Metering and control gear manufacturers...

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Switchgear Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction can provide significant savings and reduce peak demand...

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Transformer Enclosures

We supply a wide range of Transformer Enclosures for cast-resin transformers to suit most requirements...

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Fuse Switch / MCCB Retrofits

There are many MCCBs still in service today that are no longer manufactured...

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We are able to offer a range of switchboards right from small sub-distribution units through to multitransformer 6300A Package Substations...

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