Switchgear Maintenance

We offer the complete range of switchgear maintenance carried out in accordance with the recommendations laid down in British Standard Code.

Switchgear needs maintaining. This is often neglected because the lights stay on end everything appears to be fine. Unfortunately a lack of maintenance can cause devices to seize so that when you really need them to operate in the event of a fault they can fail to do so. This can be catastrophic causing damage or worse, injury and death. If this happens and you cannot demonstrate that sufficient measures have been taken to prevent this (i.e. maintenance) then you could be open to corporate or individual prosecution.

One of our biggest frustrations is that when organisations have rightly introduced maintenance provisions, the people who carry it out are not suitably qualified, experienced and equipped. LV maintenance is often rolled in with MV or HV maintenance. We carry thousands of pounds worth of LV testing equipment that would not be carried by HV Companies. HV and LV is not the same and requires a different set of skills, experience and equipment to be carried our effectively.

‘HV and LV maintenance is not the same…’

We would not entertain attempting HV maintenance – it is not our expertise (though we can provide the service using one of our partner companies)

We have standard inspection and testing reports for a wide range of LV switchgear panels, devices and protection relays. Cleaning the front of a switchboard does not maintain it. We carry the equipment and personnel to carry out effective LV maintenance.

We are often employed by responsible HV/MV Maintenance Companies to carry out any LV element but this is often not the case. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for when you spend your money on maintenance. The cleaning of the front of an LV switchboard is not maintenance.

  • LV Switchboard maintenance
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • ACB Maintenance and testing
  • Fuse switch maintenance and testing
  • MCCB maintenance and testing
  • Protection testing