If you have older switchgear, we can continue to provide support.

There have been hundreds of switchgear manufacturers and panel-builders over the years. With the long life-cycle of switchgear installations typically 25-40 years, organisations often find themselves relying on switchgear where the original manufacturer no longer exists or no longer supports the equipment they have installed. Exellison understand that business has to continue and simply replacing a serviceable installation just because you don't know who to call should something go wrong is not an acceptable situation. Exellison can change that.

We have a huge amount of experience in supporting installations not manufactured by ourselves. Mostly, support can be provided through a simple service plan but should your requirements change we can provide additional circuits, metering upgrade, protection modifications, extension sections etc. Often, a problematic device can be replaced with a modern device all within the existing switchboard. Most switchgear manufacturers will shy away from this and suggest the whole switchboard is scrapped. We understand the cost and disruption this would cause and we will do everything practical to avoid this. Inevitability there are occasions where replacement is the only option due to safety concerns and we can handle this for you if necessary.

Should your requirements change extensively then we can manufacture bespoke replacements that maintain your cabling termination positions to absolutely minimise disruption and cabling costs during installation and adding any functionality that is available with modern devices.

Original manufacturer gone? Don't worry, we will support your switchgear.