Why not book your switchgear survey today?

We have a wealth of experience across a huge range of switchgear manufacturers. We design our own switchgear for bespoke installations so we know how things should be done. Our strength is in supporting your existing installation. If you need advice as to whether your ageing switchgear is suitable for continued operation or if you are looking to modify what you have, Exellison are happy to advise what can and what can not be done. We will not simply condemn your existing installation and try and sell you a new one - unless that really is the best option. We understand that your business does not want to spend money replacing something that works perfectly well but needs an additional circuit or some other modification.

Our approach is to support what you have whenever possible but to ensure that it is safe, reliable and that it continues to provide the functionality that your organisation requires.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. If one of our customers needs support we understand how critical the electrical supply to their organisation can be and we will react accordingly.

Have a switchgear problem? Get in touch for some expert help, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness.We have probably seen it before and have a solution. If not, we are switchgear designers and manufacturers ourselves so we will devise a solution for you.

Initial advice can often be given via e-mail following photographs being sent to us. We would then send one of our Engineering team for a closer inspection and a full survey if required. We travel throughout the UK and overseas if required.

For advice and site surveys contact us.