Power Factor Correction equipment

Power factor correction can provide significant savings and reduce peak demand.

However, it is often neglected and its effectiveness can diminish over time as the capacitors degrade.

Badly executed PFC or changes in load can result in capacitor fires and substantial damage and danger. We have attended a number of sites recently that have been severely damaged due to capacitor fires. Cheap imported capacitors are available easily but we only employ what we consider to be the best and safest available – not the cheapest.

Switchboard loading can change and harmonics can be introduced that can harm the capacitors and raise the danger of fire.

We are able to provide Power factor surveys and harmonic studies to determine the suitability of your existing PFC equipment or we can provide you with new purpose built equipment designed for your installation.

We have carried out a number of PFC replacement sections where we have designed a section to match the existing busbar system and seamlessly replaced a redundant section including busbars, door interlocked isolator, controller, contactors, fuses, capacitors, indication, detuning reactors, and thermal management. We can also provide free-standing PFC panels incorporating as many capacitors as required.

Where harmonic problems are suspected, we can carry out full harmonic surveys and fit detuning reactors where required.

Power Factor Correction equipment can be of a great benefit but can cause major problems if they are not designed, executed and maintained correctly.