There are many MCCBs still in service today that are no longer manufactured.

Whilst most still operate correctly, spares can be non-existant. In the event of any malfunction they can cause serious disruption. We have a range of solutions to allow you to continue to operate with confidence.

Clearly, the prospect of replacing switchboards because of incorrectly operating switching devices could have a huge impact on the operation of any business. Aged cables can be hugely difficult to accommodate and the interruption can be very costly.

ExEllison have a range of solutions to overcome these problems. We can remove old fuse switch units and fit modern moulded case circuit breakers in their place all from the front of the switchboard and without disturbing those fragile cables. This is an ideal solution where there are only a relatively small number of circuits involved. We have alternative solutions where there are large numbers of circuits including phased switchboard replacements.