Below are a number of documents telling you about what we do.

Company Profile

ExEllison has built a reputation within the Electrical Distribution Equipment industry and are preferred suppliers for many global companies.


We pride ourselves in providing bespoke designs to exactly meet the requirements of our customers.


We are able to offer a range of switchboards right from small sub-distribution units through to multitransformer 6300A Package Substations.

Transformer Enclosures

We are suppliers of a wide range of Transformer Enclosures for cast-resin transformers to suit most requirements.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction equipment can provide significant savings.

Fuse Switch MCCB Retrofits

Whilst the fuses will continue to provide circuit protection the switching mechanisms may be problematic.

Discontinued Switchgear

Many electrical installations in use today are perfectly serviceable with the exception of a small number of components.

We are carrying out ACB retrofit projects all of the time. We understand that Customers do this very infrequently. We have compiled some documents you may find useful for the planning and execution of a successful ACB retrofit project.

ACB Retrofit Justification

ACBs are the central and most important component of most low-voltage electrical switchgear installations.

ACB Retrofit Purchasers Checklist

Clearly, we are very experienced in carrying out a wide range of ACB retrofits with over 500 in service and are continually involved in such projects.

ACB Retrofit Method

ExEllison’s unique Complete ACB Retrofit ensures the best possible, safest, most reliable and easiest to maintain solution for the retrofitting of Air Circuit Breakers.

ACB Retroit Survey Form

In order to simplify the identification of ACB retrofit requirements this form prompts you to provide all of the necessary information for us to produce an ACB retrofit to meet your needs.

CPR Statement

Many George Ellison Air Circuit Breakers were fitted with an electronic overcurrent protection relay known as a CPR relay.