6MVA Package Substation – UK Car Manufacturing Plant

ExEllison were approached to provide a double-ended 6000A Package Substation for a major UK car plant

The Whole installation was required to be located on an existing mezzanine floor so had to be designed to fit the limited space available including transformer installation and withdrawal.

A second 50-way MCCB distribution switchboard also had to be incorporated. Outgoing ways were to be ACBs of various ratings with a bus-section ACB to be included.

ExEllison was able to produce a bespoke design including rotation of the two 3MVA cast resin transformers at right-angles to the switchboard with rear mounted Ring Main Units.

The complete design was produced on 3D CAD prior to manufacture to allow the final arrangement to be visualised by the client and approved.

The distribution switchboard was assembled at our factory in Walsall where the Customer attended a witness test to approve the final product before it was transported to site and installed, tested and commissioned by the ExEllison Site Services Team.

The distribution switchboard is now fully operational and provides the power for a complete new production line.

The Customer has subsequently ordered another two switchboards from ExEllison.